Trees of Love and Thanksgiving

Trees of Love and Thanksgiving

Honoring loved ones with light.

Lighting the Way

Trees of Love and Thanksgiving is a fundraising initiative of the Friends of Cooley Dickinson and the Pastoral Care Department that offers community members the opportunity to memorialize and honor loved ones.

You can purchase a light to honor someone who has made a difference in your life by making a gift of $15 or more in his/her memory until December 31st. The lights illuminate the trees in Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s Healing Garden and create an enchanting, warm holiday glow for all to enjoy. Furthermore your gift will also help illuminate lives by raising funds to provide free infant car beds and needed hospital services and equipment.

Family members of those you honor with your gift will be notified of your donation in a card sent to them by mail. The name of the donor and the honoree will also be displayed at the hospital.

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Trees of Love and Thanksgiving Ceremony 2020


Fall 2020

For over twenty years, the Trees of Love & Thanksgiving has raised needed funding to support initiatives most critical to Cooley Dickinson, your community hospital; and through your giving, every holiday season you help light the trees throughout the Healing Garden.

Now, more than ever, the need for a strong community hospital has never been greater. You know that you can count on Cooley Dickinson to care for your loved ones and neighbors. You also know how important it is to support this incredible and needed resource right in our community. This year, we are asking you to help us purchase a needed piece of equipment for the hospital.

Your gift today will support the purchase of a Cardiac Echo Bed at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

This year’s Trees of Love & Thanksgiving project will support direct patient care and comfort. The new Cardiac Echo Beds are better designed to help reduce patient falls and ease the transport of each patient. And, they have built-in cardiac imaging which will help to reduce scan time for each patient.

Through your donation to Trees of Love & Thanksgiving, you make the purchase of this patient care equipment possible.

In addition to funding the purchase of a Cardiac Echo Bed, a portion of your gift will be used to purchase twelve infant car beds. These beds are necessary to provide safe transport home from the hospital for underweight infants. Parents in need are profoundly grateful when they receive these car beds.

Longtime supporters Gertrude and Charlene give each year to support local care and honor the memory of their loved ones. “We are grateful the Cooley Dickinson Hospital is literally “in our backyard” to provide comfort and hope in times of medical challenges,” they note. “We have remembered loved ones (family members and dear

friends) as well as acknowledged special events by providing lights of Hope and Thanksgiving. Certainly, we know these lights brighten our lives and the lives of others!

Will you join Gertrude and Charlene in honoring or memorializing a loved one today?  Make your gift by December 31st and help support Cooley Dickinson and the Trees of Love & Thanksgiving fundraising initiative!


Trees of Love and Thanksgiving is grateful to our sponsors for committing to a 2020 sponsorship, including Lynne & John ParsonsSally & Al Griggs, and Florence & Peter DeRose, as well as the local businesses below.