At Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Diabetes Center, we’re committed to taking care of you during the current health care crisis and to upholding our safe care commitment. Telephone, virtual visits and in-person visits are available.


At the Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Diabetes Center, we’re committed to advancing your health by helping you manage diabetes through personalized care, quality education, and ongoing support.

Diabetes can be a serious, typically chronic condition. Among adults, about 1.7 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year. More than 18,000 new cases of type 1 diabetes are estimated to be diagnosed among US youth younger than age 20 each year. But diabetes is also very manageable for many people. Often, diabetes education is a crucial component of treatment that can help to optimize the health and well-being of teens and adults with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Our Services

The Diabetes Center offers innovative tools and programs that focus on exercise, nutrition, medication, and other measures for the prevention as well as successful management of diabetes. For more information on specific services, programs or classes for people living with diabetes, click the links below or to the right:

National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2017


The American Diabetes Association recognizes this education service as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.


We are a American Diabetes Association-recognized Diabetes Education programCooley Dickinson Diabetes Center offers several classes for people living with diabetes and pre-diabetes. See below for our current and upcoming offerings.

Rising Cost of Insulin

For more than 7.5 million of Americans, including 1.25 million individuals with type 1 diabetes, access to insulin is literally a matter of life or death. The struggle to afford insulin—which tripled in cost between 2002-2013 and has continued to increase—affects the health and lives of many. Click HERE to read about efforts by the ADA’s Insulin Access and Affordability Working Group to demand transparency from all entities in the supply chain and keep insulin affordable for all of the more than 7 million people who rely on it to treat their diabetes.

If you need help affording insulin, visit for a list of resources.


Patient Downloads
Initial Visit Assessment Forms for Patients

Please choose one of the initial assessment forms from the following 3 that fits your referral to the Diabetes Center. Please print the form and fill it out as best you can prior to your appointment with the diabetes educator.

For patients new to the diabetes education center, unless you have gestational diabetes (diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy) or you do not have diabetes and are being referred for nutrition therapy, please use this form:

If you have gestational diabetes (diabetes diagnosed during your current pregnancy) please use this form:

If you DO NOT have diabetes and are you being referred for nutrition therapy please use this form:

Blank log forms for patients to download and print.

Blank glucose testing log

Blank food and glucose log

If you have any questions please call the Diabetes Center for help at 413-586-1601
  • How You Can Prevent Diabetes

    Are you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes? Did you know it is possible to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes? A Diabetes Educator from the Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Diabetes Center will discuss diabetes prevention.

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Care Team

Partners in ExcellenceThe staff at the Diabetes Center were awarded the 2017 Partners in Excellence Team Award  in recognition of outstanding performance and commitment to excellence in providing diabetes care.

The staff of the Cooley Dickinson Diabetes Center is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of teens and adults with pre-diabetes and diabetes through prevention, care, management, and ongoing support. The Center teaches practical diabetes care and prevention by providing education and tools to successfully manage diabetes through innovative programs of education, exercise, nutrition, medication, and support.

Jeffrey M. Korff, MDDiabetes Center Medical Director
Jeffrey M. Korff, MD

A Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine and Board Certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism since 1981, Dr. Korff has practiced endocrinology and metabolism in the Pioneer Valley since 1986, and founded the Center for Excellence in Diabetes Education with Kelly Henry in 2002. He graduated from Tufts Medical School, completed a fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Chicago and served as a Visiting Scientist and Senior Staff Fellow at the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Korff is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Tufts School of Medicine, and is a member of The Endocrine Society and the American Thyroid Association. He brings his expertise and concern for patients with diabetes to the Diabetes Center as its Medical Director.

Medical Management of Diabetes
Kinga Pluta, MD, BC-ADM, CDEKinga Pluta, MD, Internist, Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Diabetes Center

Kinga is an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics trained physician who has focused her practice on diabetes management and education. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Siena College and her medical degree from Albany Medical College. Kinga completed her Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency training at the University of Connecticut and affiliated hospitals in 2002, and is board certified in both specialties. In 2010, after 8 years in the primary care field, she began to focus her practice on diabetes care, a transition in focus which came just two years after her young daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  In 2010 she completed requirements to become a Certified Diabetes Educator and in 2013 received the BC-ADM certification. Kinga is passionate about working with patients to find lifestyle and medication regimens which will work best for their specific needs. She believes that educating and empowering people with diabetes to find strategies to live full, happy and healthy lives is the key to their success.

Diabetes Self-Management Education
Diabetes Educators

Danielle Dowen, RD, LDN

As a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years, Danielle has had the privilege of working with individuals with diabetes as well as other complex medical conditions. Danielle joined Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Diabetes Center as a Diabetes Educator in November of 2019 and has since enjoyed getting know patients as they encounter health hurdles and successes.

Danielle strives to recognize individual challenges, ease apprehensions, and work together with patients to achieve mutual goals. It became clear to Danielle early on in her career that there is not one single approach that will work for everybody. Rather than hand out a list of dos and don’ts, Danielle will spend time on the why and how so that patients fully understand their condition and care plan. Ultimately, Danielle aims to help patients find a way to meet their health goals while continuing to enjoy their daily lives and favorite foods.

Diabetes Paraprofessional Educators

Madi Bias, Paraprofessional Diabetes EducatorMadi Bias, CMA

Madi has been with the diabetes center since 2002. She works as one of the center’s medical assistants, paraprofessional diabetes educators and lifestyle coaches. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she helps to provide a vital communication resource to our Spanish-speaking community. She is an excellent motivator, and is passionate about finding simple ways to improve the management of diabetes in our patients’ everyday schedules and about helping them to achieve their goals.

Donna Rose, CMA

Donna has been a medical assistant since 2005. Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, she started her career in health care in 1994. She became a certified nursing assistant working in nursing homes and in different facilities assisting adults with mental illness. In 2004 she went back to school and became a certified medical assistant working in occupational health services, urgent care and preventive wellness. She joined our team in 2018 and has since become a paraprofessional diabetes educator.

When she isn’t working Donna is very active in the community. She is involved with different  local centers that assist people with all different  pathways and in all stages of recovery from addiction. She believes with the right tools and support anyone can reclaim their own lives when they have the courage to change, and when they live one day at a time.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Registered Dieticians
Danielle Dowen, RD, LDN



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November is American Diabetes Month. If you would like to learn more about resources for living with diabetes, follow the link below.

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