Don't Delay Your Care

Putting off diagnosis and treatment
can have serious consequences

Keeping You Safe is Our Priority

Many people are afraid to come to the hospital because of COVID-19. Though some patients may want to consider switching scheduled routine visits to virtual appointments, you should still keep them, and for many types of care, putting off appointments is highly discouraged. Cardiac care, regular recommended screenings including mammograms and colonoscopies, and anything that you might consider an emergency: heart attacks, strokes, acute injuries and trauma, substance use emergencies, appendicitis, allergic reactions and many other symptoms you should not ignore.

Cooley Dickinson enacts the strictest health & safety precautions to protect you (and us) from COVID-19 infections. It is our number one priority to keep patients and staff safe, and we practice every element of our Safe Care Commitment every day. Many of our providers have spoken on the importance of not delaying your care, in their various spheres of expertise. Please watch their short videos below and be reassured that all of them are looking out for your health and safety every time they see you:

Don’t Delay Your Mammogram:
Nancy King, Director of Imaging Services, Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Don’t Delay Emergency Care:
Khama Ennis, MD, Associate Chief of Emergency Medicine, Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Don’t Delay Cardiac Care:
Ali Haider, MD, Hampshire Cardiovascular Associates