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December in the Galleries

Welcome back! The Cooley Dickinson Art Galleries are excited to be up and running again after a long  hiatus. The following artists will be exhibiting in the galleries at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and at 22 Atwood Drive during the month of December.

Kate Whittaker
Visual Rhythms

Nature’s signature patterns are everywhere you look: in the braided sands of a receding wave, in the folds of the continent’s crust, in the veins of a leaf, the shape of a snowflake, in the banded iron formations forged as Earth took its first breaths—the list is majestic and endless. We humans leave our own marks: via our ancient writings, the patterns of our farmed fields, ancestral tracks, time-worn structures—again the list is long. Together, these signatures record an intelligence as vast and as it is mysterious, an awareness intricate and entwined. These patterns orient and guide Kate Whittaker, and ultimately find expression in her work. In this way, the images she creates can be seen as a natural reflection of our visual rhythms, echoing layer upon layer.

“If you are here as either a patient or are sitting beside one, I too have spent long hours in hospitals caring for loved ones and know the joys and sorrows. If you are on the hospital’s staff, thank you for all you do to help us. Healing light to you and those you love.”   

— Kate Whittaker

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Elizabeth G. Slade

“In the fall of 2015, my young daughter Bella was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma,” recalls artist Elizabeth Slade. “We spent the year at Baystate Hospital in treatment and during that time the art displayed there was a reminder to me of life beyond cancer treatment. I visited the halls regularly; admiring the work of other local artists inspired and soothed me.”

Bella’s cancer metastasized and she died on Dec. 6, 2015, two weeks before Slade hung her first art show, in the halls of Baystate Hospital. “The show was originally intended to celebrate the end of Bella’s treatment,” she says, ” but instead, it was a celebration of her amazing life.”

“It is an honor to hang this work here now, five years later, as a retrospective of the ground covered since that time. The images you see are of three special places: the Pioneer Valley, Martha’s Vineyard and Belfast, Maine. These are places I have walked to find meaning and purpose, places that have offered me refuge, and ones that have inspired the art hung down this hall. May it temporarily transport you and may you find solace falling into the sky.”

-Elizabeth Slade

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Elisa Lanzi
Warm and Blue
Works on paper and of paper 

Elisa Lanzi is a visual artist who creates painterly prints and multimedia collages with her handmade paper. She is a member of the Zea Mays Printmaking Studio (Florence, MA) where she received a “Certificate in Green Printmaking: Intaglio.” The art in this exhibit, Warm and Blue, captures the colorful spirit and lyricism of the natural and cultural landscapes that the artist has experienced in her travels.

“From the Mediterranean to the American West to New England I am inspired by nature, astonishingly simple, yet mysterious. My work is about crossings made in transitory times—a shift from season to season—and places—crossing the sea from one shore to another. Chasing the waning light of a previous century or embarking on a journey to a better world, crossings are inevitable.”

-Elisa Lanzi

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